Herbal Migrane Remedy

Remedies / Sunday, April 29th, 2018

Herbal Migrane Remedy A migrane headache is very common, and can cause untold stress and trouble for millions of people. A migrane is really just a splitting painful headache which is often so strong it actually prevents peole carryong on with their normal day to day life, unlike a normal headache which is simply an annoyance, and is often tied to another problem. Migranes appear to happen for no reason.

It is thought that those who suffer from migranes have perhaps a family history of migranes, but it is probably closer to the truth to say that some family members have an underlying abnormality in the blood, for example the regulation of vessels and white and red blood cells. In addition factors such as stress anger and fatigue can trigger an attack. Luckily often a migrane will simply pass after a while, especially if some sleep can be had.

There are many stories of herbs used as a herbal migrane remedy, but as with many conditions and their solutions there are many things that can be done in your day to day life to limit the chance of a migrane attack, for example regular exercise, avoiding smoking, avoiding as much as possible red wine, cheese, alcohol and chocolate which it is said sometimes trigger a headache.

There are many herbal remedies which will help with a migrane, not because they are specifically going to affect the migrane but because there are herbal remedies which can reduce or stop the symptoms.

For example Magnesium, Melatonin, and butterbur. Cayenne has been known to reduce the pain when added to food or a drink, and passionflower has also been used for many years to relax patients and reduce anxiety, which can reduce the effects of a migrane. Finally both tilden flower and ginkgo could te tried as they affect the circulation and blood pressure, and could have a soothing effect on the migrane symptoms.