Home Remedy For Dog Mange

Remedies / Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Home Remedy For Dog Mange – mange is a name which is often given to any type of mites or tic present on a dog, however in reality it referes to the skin disease which is caused by parasitic mites which are much smaller than ticks. These microscopic mites are a problem for many reasons, firstly they carry diseases which can infect the host dog, also by infesting the animal they cause irritation and infame the skin. This can then lead to infection and allergic reactions.

Common types of Mange include Demodex Mange and Sarcoptic Mange. Demodex Mange occurs where there are many Demodex mites, which actually exist on the hair follicles of most dogs but never cause any problem or discomfort. If however there are too many, caused perhaps by the dog having a reduced immune system, they can cause severe problems including hair loss, infection, and possibly serious ennough damage to endanger the life of the host dog.

Sarcoptic Mange which is sometimes referred to as canine scabies, is an infection of burrowing mites, which can also move to humans and cats. Like scabies there mites dig into the skin and cause infection and irritation, and this condition is contageous and so the animal should be kept isolated if the condition is diagnosed.

The reason people look for a home remedy for dog mange is that many do not wish to give their pets drugs and chemicals which may have harmful side effects, and in particular with pet medicines which do not necessarily pass the same stringent tests and approvals than human drugs do.

Some people recommend simply adding vinegar to your dogs drinking water to fight mange and other pests, others swear by preparing boiling water into which you drop sliced lemons, and leave overnight. Then sponge the water onto the dogs skin. However the evidence for these home remedies for dog mange are of course annecdotal and cannot be guaranteed, however if you wish to avoid drugs then what will you lose by trying them?