Home Remedy For Planter Wart

Remedies / Friday, June 8th, 2018

Home Remedy For Planter Wart – a planter wart, can also be called a verruca. The Planter wart is in fact a small infection located on the foot, although these warts are actually the same as those that cxan be found on other parts of the body. They are simply called planter warts due to their specific location. As these warts are found on the soles of the feet they can be passed very easily from person to person in areas where people are walking in bare feet, for example showers.

There are many theories and methods people have tried to rid themselves of warts, and plantar warts in particular, and often doctors will actually try to peel the dead skin layers away using acid. This leads to the wart eventually disappearing but many times they will simply return, and this process will have to be carried out again. This is often done using trichloroacetic or salicylic acid.

People will always look for a home remedy for planter wart to avoid having to go to the doctors for what is a minor complaint, especially as acid is painful, and so many have tried different methods themselves. One such home remedy being the duct tape method. A piece of duct tape is simply cut to cover the wart area, and left in place.

Sometimes the wart will need to be convered like this for up to a month, but eventually the wart actually dies and amazingly falls out, leaving a small hole or wound on the foot which eventually heals. There are no concrete explanations for this, although some theories include temperature increase, or oxygen starvation.

A further home remedy for plantar wart which many people are convinced has worked for them is using banana peel rubbed into the wart and used to cover the area in a similar way to the duct tape. Some people ever go for surgery. Unfortunately surgery can be very painful, involving either lasers or liquid nitrogen to kill the wart.