Homemade Remedy Sunburn

Remedies / Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Homemade Remedy Sunburn – sunburn occurs by exposing your skin to the ravages of the sun, in particular the ultraviolet rays which when hit skin which is unprotected can burn to a dangerous degree. Sometimes we know we are in danger of sunburn exposure, on a hot calm day we can feel the heat from the momet it touches our skin, however the real danger lies in those situations where we are unaware the sun is hot and in fact feel cool even as we burn.

For example, if you are driving in your car and with the air conditioining on and the window open you fell cool, but arrive at your destination to find your arm is burnt. Or if the wind is blowing but the sun is hot, but it is not obvious. It is only when inside do we realise we have been burnt.

There are various levels of burn, first degree where the skin is only red and causes some pain, and this is what we commonly know as sunburn. More severe burns require medical attention and not home made remedies. A homemade remedy for sunburn of this first degree form would be apple cider vinegar, which creates a cooling feeling on application, and provides missing vitamins and potassium.

Another very common and popular home remedy is the application of Aloe Vera juice. This is often included in many “after sun” creams which are designed specifically to moisturize and revitalize the skin after being out in the sun, but in its purest form (rub a leaf from the plant ino your skin) it can draw the heat out and sooth the skin. Similarly milk provides the same effect.

Where you have sunburn acroos a large part of your body, perhaps your arms AND legs, you can simply fill your bath with cool water (not too cold) which will help to relieve the pain the sunburn has created, dont use hot water as this will make things worse.

Some people will also mix peppermint oil into the water to add a cool relieving soothing feeling. Finally another homemade remedy for sunburn is tea – put tea bags, perhaps 2 or 3, into a bath with cool water, the tea also helps to draw the heat from the skin.