Mites Treatments and Sarcoptic Mange Dog Remedies

Mite Problem / Sunday, April 29th, 2018

Do you want to stop your Mangy Dog from suffering with Mange, Demodex, Ear mites or fleas?

Are Mange Mites causing your dog or cat to be constantly scratching, miserable and loosing its hair?

Your pet likely has Mange Mites or Ear mites and you need a treatment that is safe, fast, easy and cheap to use.

You have found the information you need right here.

Over the counter mange and ear mite treatments, even some that are given by Vets, can literally poison your dog with 3 out of every 1100 dead considered NORMAL.

They are based on general use pesticides that have to be left on your dog for 12-24 hours to work.

That means your dog cannot lick the sore spots because if they do then they are licking POISON into their systems.

Getting rid of Mange,Mites, fleas and Ear mites is fast easy and safe and we can show you how.

Vets and pet shops make a lot of money treating a dogs mange and ear mites troubles and the more treatments it takes to get rid of your pets suffering the more money they make.

We want your pet cured of Demodex, or Sarcoptic mange, fleas or ticks up and feeling good within hours.

Using our formulas they will get the treatment they need.

We also tell you how to prepare your home what needs to be done for yourself and your other pets to keep the pests from spreading or re-infesting your pets.

We also tell you how to get the Mites off of you!

Oh yes didn’t you know if your dog has Mites of any kind and you play with it, touch it or even sit in your favorite chair after the dog has lain in it YOU can get the tiny mites crawling on you as well.

Didn’t your vet mention that to you? Well maybe he forgot and when you are taking your dog back to be dipped in toxic chemicals and poisons for the 10th time because the mites just don’t seem to die he might remember?

I am sure he also told you exactly how to clean and prepare your house so that your dog will be healing in days instead of months. Without you taking time off work and driving them to the vet.

Or was the Vet looking at your dog and thinking that he could make his BMW payment out of this? Lets see $60 dollars a dip times about 6-10 dips that should about do it.

Or you can spend $39.95 once for a lifetime of pest free animals(it works for Dogs mange, Cat mange and other pets).

You need a simple and easy to read Ebook that will get your results fast. Something that you can be using today which will show you simple, easy ways to treat your pets mange,ear mites and fleas and ticks.

You can have the information you need to take care of it TODAY and be using it to help your Pets stop the insane itching of the tiny little mites biting and burrowing in the skin and laying up to 40 eggs each every three weeks.

Within 10 days after the eggs are laid the new crop of mites burrow more tunnels, lay more eggs and the cycle repeats. They leave feces and bacteria in the now open skin and burrows they create forming pustules and causing hair loss.

The Mange Dog Report will get your pet rid of the Mites, Fleas, Ticks and pests infesting it and star your pet healing fast.

You get a comprehensive plan to treat your pets.

You do not get a single one size fits all hope it works for you report but a plan, something that works for your dog.

Do you know which over the counter meds can kill your dog within two days?

Do you know which breeds are most susceptible to the poisons in the creams and ointments that are commonly used to treat mange?

We tell you that and a lot more but if you use our formula there are NO dangerous pesticides NONE. But they work so well that you are likely to see an improvement in Fido in days not multiple trips to the Vet.

This is what is covered in our report.

We give you 35 pages of single spaced jam packed information that covers everything you have to know.

  • Stops Mange for both Dogs and cats
  • Fleas will die and be brushed away
  • Your dogs coat will be restored once the mites are gone
  • Stops the constant Scratching
  • Kills Mites and the Eggs that Cause Mange
  • Safe, Effective Home Remedies that are right for YOUR pet
  • The formulas are low cost and not toxic like the pesticides
  • One or two ordinary household products is all it takes
  • Simple fast easy to use formulas
  • The funky dog smell goes away along with the mange and the fleas even a lot of the ticks
  • Did you know most remedies are not safe to use on a puppy find out which ones are?
  • Or how about a pregnant or nursing dog do you want to risk covering your dog in poison?

The Mange dog easy to use formulas show you:

  • Simple quick instructions on how to mix the formula (even has metric instructions)
  • The most effective way to use it
  • Easy home tests for the Mites that cause Mange
  • When to use it and how often to use to obtain the very best results
  • How to keep your dog from getting new mite infestations
  • What to do to get rid of the sources of the mites
  • Stress is one of the main reasons your dog can get mange
  • Your dogs’ immune system is likely low and allowed mange mites to grow we tell you what to do about it.
  • What your dog eats or does not eat can be a major cause of Mange. It’s true. Learn what can help and what to avoid.
  • Learn how to prevent your dog from getting mange, fleas, ear mites, and some ticks.
    That just some of what the Mange Dog Report covers.

The index lets you go right to the section you need and is a page long by itself.

Now we could have double spaced the report filled it with pictures and fluff and made it a 100 pages long but you already know what a dog with mange looks like or you would not be here now.

You don’t have time to read fluff.

You just want Fido healthy and stop the danger of contamination to your other pets and to your family.

If that is what you want this is the report for you.

Well do you see that the money you will save is easily worth the one time fee of $39.95?

This is a digital download that will give you the power to help your dog instantly. You can print it or save it to your computer. It is yours if you ever loose it just email us.

The report is yours and you can use it anytime you need it.

Oh did I mention that if you have more than one pet that would be that many more trips to the vet when they start showing the same symptoms? It takes weeks for the tiny mites to build up big enough colonies to give your dog the itching fits and have the hair start falling out.

Still not convinced?

Well I told you that food is a major factor in your dogs immune system so with your order you will also get a digital download of a dog food book on what is best to eat for your dog.

You say you feed your Fido premium dog food?

Did you know that most dog food is made from things that have already been declared unfit for Human consumption and those are the Premium dog foods!