Mouse Poison – How to Choose and Best Mice Poison


Welcome to CnPesticides! Rat poison is a drastic solution, often used when the infestation becomes very violent, and when something quick and immediate is required. A powerful rat poison, in fact, can help you defeat the invasion of these pests in a short time, but it is certainly not a toy. There are guidelines and […]

July 9, 2020

Bedbugs: what they are and how to prevent infestation


Bedbugs are hematophagous insects, which means they feed on blood. If after a long day you feel tired and can’t wait to rest in a comfortable, cozy bed, know that you may not be alone. Nested between the sheets, the Cimex Lectularius, this is the technical name, are waiting for the opportunity to feed on […]

April 7, 2020

Home Remedy For Planter Wart


Home Remedy For Planter Wart – a planter wart, can also be called a verruca. The Planter wart is in fact a small infection located on the foot, although these warts are actually the same as those that cxan be found on other parts of the body. They are simply called planter warts due to […]

June 8, 2018

Pet Food

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PETCO Take advantage of PETCO savings today and stock up on all your pet’s favorite premium food, treats, toys and supplies! Plus you’ll find a huge assortment of products to choose from that have NO Shipping FEES! Supplies for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, and Small Animals. All Pets Premium Discount pet supplies for Dogs, […]

May 1, 2018

Herbal Migrane Remedy


Herbal Migrane Remedy A migrane headache is very common, and can cause untold stress and trouble for millions of people. A migrane is really just a splitting painful headache which is often so strong it actually prevents peole carryong on with their normal day to day life, unlike a normal headache which is simply an […]

April 29, 2018

Herbal Remedy For Cystitis


Herbal Remedy For Cystitis – cystitis is a condition which is generally caused by an infection in the bladder from the bacteria in the intestines, and is actually very common in women in particular, because the uretha which is the tube leading from the bladder is quite small in women. It has been said that […]

April 17, 2018

Home Remedy For Dog Mange


Home Remedy For Dog Mange – mange is a name which is often given to any type of mites or tic present on a dog, however in reality it referes to the skin disease which is caused by parasitic mites which are much smaller than ticks. These microscopic mites are a problem for many reasons, […]

April 7, 2018

Home Remedy For Blackhead Removal

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Home Remedy For Blackhead Removal – of all the skin problems that plauge people today blackheads are one of the most common and annoying, even stressful. A blackhead is actually just the follicle opening on the skin which has a dark substance or plug blocking it, giving the black look. Where a follicle has a […]

March 5, 2018

Homeopathic Remedy For Gout


Homeopathic Remedy For Gout – gout, often suffered by older people although not exclusively, is a condition which creates pain and inflammation around the joints, and is created by a buildup of uric acid crystals. This restricts the movement of joints and creates pain when they are moved. There are natural ways to reduce the […]

March 2, 2018

Home Remedy For Ear Mites


Home Remedy For Ear Mites – ear mites are tiny parasites which live on the surface of your dog or cats skin, in and around the ear. Like scabies in humans these mites pierce the skin and for your pet this causes inflamation and pain, and can cause infections. Ear mites tend to be passed […]

February 16, 2018

Homemade Remedy Sunburn


Homemade Remedy Sunburn – sunburn occurs by exposing your skin to the ravages of the sun, in particular the ultraviolet rays which when hit skin which is unprotected can burn to a dangerous degree. Sometimes we know we are in danger of sunburn exposure, on a hot calm day we can feel the heat from […]

January 21, 2018